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Don’t come home to an unexpected heater breakdown or deal with rising energy bills during the winter. Make sure your heater is installed according to code so you can enjoy total home comfort without worrying about problems occurring. Colonial Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc. is your local Colonial Heights heating installation and replacement expert that is focused on customer support and ensuring you receive the best service possible.

Heating Installation Services Colonial Heights, VA

What are signs you need to replace your heater?

While some modern heaters will last upwards of 20 years with proper maintenance, you may want to start considering replacement around the 15-year mark. This is the point in which most of the major components will begin to break down and the heater loses efficiency. If ongoing repairs are becoming costly, a whole unit replacement may be the more cost effective option.

You also want to keep an eye on your energy bill and thermostat. If the bills continue to rise dramatically or the thermostat must be constantly turned up, it may be time for us to inspect your heater. Also be on the lookout for unusual noises coming from the unit, as well as a unit that continuously turns off and on to maintain the correct temperature.

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What are easy maintenance tips?

The most effective way to keep your heater working properly is through annual maintenance services. This professional service involves checking all of the major components to ensure efficiency and proper operation.

You can also perform easy maintenance on your own by checking the pilot light (make sure it is blue), regularly inspecting the ducts and filters for dust, and checking your home for any cracks or leaks that will strain the heater.

What are the benefits of professional installation?

Our team can help you take a look at the bigger picture when it comes to keeping your home comfortable, and that includes ensuring the proper size and style of heater used, as well as installing the unit in an ideal location for maximum efficiency. Professional installation means your heater will be installed according to code so you can enjoy a more reliable heating system, lower energy bills, and reduced risk of unexpected breakdowns in the winter.

The team here at Colonial Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc. is ready to help you with all of your heating needs. We provide quality installations and replacements that guarantee reliable service for years to come. This is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back!

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