Colonial Heights New Construction 管道

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New Construction 管道 安装 in Colonial Heights, VA

Are you looking for a professional plumbing company to handle your new construction project? We are your Colonial Heights commercial plumbers specializing in complete plumbing solutions for new property constructions. From layout to installation, we are at your side every step of the way. You can rely on us to handle any paperwork and ensure your plumbing system meets local codes and safety standards.

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What needs to be considered in new construction plumbing?

A new construction project on ground that has never been worked on creates unique challenges. The ground must be tested for stability and any liability for flooding. Floodwater is a problem, because it can corrode a pipe or contaminate water in it. Testing the ground determines what stresses the pipes may undertake, so we will know how to avoid rupturing problems in the future.

Most pipes are installed underground, preferably below the frost line. While pipes underground are harder to access and are vulnerable to shifting earth, they are protected from freezing and above-ground hazards such as falling trees. Construction crews are able to test the soil integrity, while our plumbers perform pipe joining and final connection to city lines.

We can also help you guarantee leak-proof pipe fittings. While we are not seismologists, we are able to create proper connections between pipe segments, even in unusual or awkward spaces. Our crew will make sure a pipe fitting has optimal brazing.

Pipes must be able to handle pressurized water for decades without fail. Our plumbers know what types of pipes and joints are best for particular jobs. For ground with tremors, we may use copper or softer steel and weld the joints together. We can determine the optimal solution for any job and weigh function with cost.


Having our plumbing team on hand means we can be recalled if a problem develops with the pipes or other fixtures. All of our plumbers have at least 10 years of field experience, which means guaranteed quality in every project. In new construction jobs, we can tackle specific problems and provide repairs to keep the project running without delay.

If you are looking for a dedicated team of licensed plumbers to deliver a solution to your specifications, 我们是你的团队. Each of our services are tailored to your particular needs so you can expect nothing short of exceptional.

We provide full service plumbing designs, 布局, and installations for your new construction project. Call today at (804) 526-8415 to discuss your options. Enjoy long term peace of mind knowing your new plumbing system will be set up according to code.