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Your furnace and air conditioning systems mostly blow dry air. Low humidity levels are common inside the home. Dry air is uncomfortable, especially when you have certain ailments. Installing a whole house humidifier will help alleviate health issues and add significant value to your property. If you think your home would benefit from a humidifier, contact us today and we will evaluate your home’s humidity levels to find the ideal system to fit your exact needs.

Humidifier 安装 and 维修服务 Colonial Heights,VA

患有哮喘? Have dry, itchy skin all the time?

A whole house humidifier may be right for you. The right level of humidity in your home is crucial to good health and your overall well being. If you suffer from any respiratory issues, such as asthma or the common cold, dry air will make you cough. 增湿器 add enough moisture to your indoor air so you can breathe more comfortably.

During the winter, you are probably accustomed to having dry skin. Heaters naturally create dry conditions. To avoid the effects of dry skin, install a whole house humidifier; this allows your skin to moisturize naturally with sweat oils and comfortable air conditions.

Perhaps one of the top benefits to humidifiers is a lower energy bill. Moist air holds warmth better than dry air. Think of muggy summer days: because there is more humidity in your indoor air, you don't have to heat the home as much as before. Turning the thermostat down even a few degrees helps the energy cost substantially.

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What other problems do humidifiers solve?

Viruses depend on dry air to move about freely as particles. When you add a whole house humidifier, the moist air essentially weighs down the viruses. Although it's not a cure-all, you may notice reduced colds and flus in the home.

你可能没有意识到, but wood floors and other sensitive items are susceptible to damage with prolonged exposure to dry air. Adding the humidifier and using it regularly helps these items remain moisturized from natural oils in the material. 例如, you may only have to seal the floor once a year instead of numerous times to keep it sparkling.


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