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Hydrojetting is common among commercial properties that need to clear our grease and sludge buildup on a regular basis. It is also an effective solution for residential sewer lines that need to be free of stubborn debris. Hydrojetting is completely safe on your plumbing lines and the environment. This makes it a highly convenient, long term way to keep your sewer lines clean.

HydroJetting Services in Colonial Heights, VA

What are the benefits of hydrojetting?

Hydrojetting involves blasting water at a high pressure through sewer lines to completely remove all debris. This process is capable of clearing up clogs that are too tough for drain snakes. As mentioned before, hydrojetting is also much safer on the pipes because there are no harmful chemicals used. It is also extremely comprehensive in that it cleans everything, not just the target clog. Because of this, hydrojetting is a long lasting solution, making it harder for sludge to build up on the pipe walls.

How does it work?

Hydrojetting is more than just highly pressurized water being shot through the pipeline. Unlike the snaking method where the main goal is to simply punch a hole through debris, the pressurized water in hydrojetting is tough enough to clear out everything blocking your sewer line. The nozzle can be adjusted to fit any and all pipe sizes. Once the water leaves the nozzle it travels at a high velocity, and the impact of the high-speed water is what chisels away grime from the pipes.

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What problems does this solve?

There are three main problems hydrojetting eliminates: grease, tree roots, and debris. Grease builds up in the pipes over time in any home. The heat of the pressurized water during the hydrojetting process peels the grease off much more quickly than any other method.

Tree roots are a common factor in pipe damage. The roots can slowly move the pipes, and this movement eventually leads to cracking and collapsing, making tree root removal extremely important.

For accumulated debris, the hydrojetting process works in reverse. A pocket of pressure is created that allows us to pull the debris toward the opening and remove it entirely, resulting in completely clean pipes in just a few hours.

Why work with us?

At Colonial Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc. we only use safe, proven methods to solve your plumbing issues. Our dedicated team, featuring plumbers with no less than 10 years of experience, carries out successful hydrojetting services on a regular basis. We make sure your sewer lines are left with nothing but free flowing water once the job is done.

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