Colonial Heights Tankless Water 加热器安装 & 修复

即热式热水器适合你吗? 请致电殖民地的管道了解详情 & 供热有限公司.公司. Quality installations can help you save on hot water costs and provide you with unlimited hot water. 请立即致电(804)526-8415与我们联系以了解更多信息!

If you're in the market for a new water heater, going tankless is something to consider. Tankless water heaters are not for every household, so we recommend finding out as much as you can about your home’s hot water needs, 无罐式热水器的真正好处, 不同的型号可供选择. 幸运的是,殖民地管道 & 供热有限公司.公司. 是来帮你做决定的吗. We provide expert recommendations on the best units to fit your home and will install your new system according to code.


Tankless water heaters offer a range of benefits that improve efficiency and cut down on your electricity or gas bill. They provide unlimited hot water on demand and last five to ten years longer than traditional water heaters.

Other benefits you can enjoy with a tankless water heater:

  • 30 percent more efficiency than traditional units
  • Flexible installation due to small size (no larger than a carry-on suitcase)
  • Require less power to operate and only requires the amount to heat the water in use at any given moment
  • You can save up to 20 percent on your hot water costs
  • 电力设备不排放温室气体
  • Up to four separate settings and remote operation available, allowing greater convenience
  • 消除了储罐泄漏或爆裂的风险

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The National Appliance Energy Conservation Act has now deemed that all water heaters need to be more energy efficient, 这反过来又能帮你省钱. Due to a certain set of standards based on the amount of energy it takes to heat your water versus the amount of energy that is lost we have now hit a new era when it comes to conservation. 在十大网堵排行平台登录. we sell only the top makes and models for tankless units like Rinnai and Navien and are ready to answer all of your questions when you give us a call today.


While the benefits are great, tankless water heaters are not perfect. There are a few difficulties most people will encounter at some point while owning one, 这些也应该考虑进去. If you already own a tankless water heater, look out for these common issues:

  • 矿物形成: 如果你有硬水, 我们建议安装一个软水器, 尺度滤波器, or regularly flushing the heater out with a vinegar solution. Mineral buildup can decrease efficiency and eventually lead to a complete unit breakdown, 哪些通常不在保修范围内.
  • 需求超载: Tankless water heaters are more subject to rationing of water, and doing something as simple as trying to shower while the dishwasher is running could be too much for the heater to keep up with. Many units will shut down if they can't get enough natural gas or propane to meet hot water demands. You may need to install a larger unit or install special natural gas pipes to ensure this doesn't happen.
  • 燃烧关闭: 你有燃气即热式热水器吗? 与传统的储罐装置不同, gas-fired tankless water heaters require special ventilation installed to keep them in proper working order. This is due to their extremely hot exhaust systems, which must vent quickly and efficiently.


Tankless water heaters work well in smaller households that will be able to take full advantage of the unlimited hot water benefit. Larger households are often able to use up the hot water sitting in traditional tank units, 哪个能比无罐式热水器更好.

If you are planning to install a tankless water heater but still unsure if it is the right way to go, 十大网堵排行平台登录寻求帮助. 我们会评估你家的需求, including how much water your family uses and the current plumbing system you have in place. After taking into account your budget and your current hot water needs, we will recommend the best tankless water heater models and install the one you choose.

Call now at (804) 526-8415 to find out if a tankless water heater can benefit your home. Make the right decision with our team of experts by your side. Choosing and installing the right unit goes a long way in helping you enjoy unlimited hot water for years to come.